• £85.00

    WW1 08/14 ptn large haversack dated 1916 and maker marked M.W & S Ltd in good used condition.The haversack has been blancoed which with time has faded leaving a nice and consistent colour to the haversack,the haversack is in very good condition with all its fitments in place and with good age colour showing to the brass fitments.The haversack shows age related wear and is a nice complete item with two equipment straps that are marked for CP Ltd but have no clear date so they could be post war straps but the brass is consistent in colour with the brass fitments on the haversack.The markings on the haversack are not very clear as is the W/D mark when photographed but can be seen with the naked eye when in the right light, the haversack is listed as a 08/14 ptn due to the two inch tabs having two grommet holes on each side which was a feature on 14 ptn webbing this is more than likely down to using up surplus 14 ptn stock.The haversack is named which has not been researched,please see the photographs for further detail.

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