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DBG Militaria would like to offer for sale original military items from the Boer war to post war showing many rare British officers items and otherranks field equipment.British and German Militaria of all types and including RFC & RAF equipment. DBG Militaria will also offer for sale military watches from WW1 and WW2 and a good selection of military books on equipment and events from WW1 and WW2.

DBG Militaria will offer original military collectable items from the Boer war to Post war era.Items will included uniforms , field equipment and medals, de-activated guns and most other types of equipment from WW1 AND WW2 British and German with a small amount of Polish militaria, backed with an unrivalled guarantee and returns privilege. (see terms and conditions)

DBG Militaria attends local military fairs which are posted on the on-line shop page.
I am looking to buy single items or complete collections so please feel free to call or mention about any items you may have for sale either via the web site or in person. WW1 British and WW2 British items always wanted.I am always happy to swap or do part exchanges on items shown on this web site.

DBG Militaria only handles items in terms of their historical interest. We do not countenance political, ethnic or social affiliation with any item offered for sale.



All postal deliveries will be at the best of our abilities while I am receiving treatment with the target to post once per week on a Wednesday this is for the next few months, if I can get items posted out earlier then they will be sent but I cannot guarantee this will be the case. I am sorry for this slight delay with postage and hope to offer a normal service as soon as I can thank you for your understanding.


Great war huts is a fantastic project taking place at Brook farm camp run by a group of people who have a passion for the history of the first world war that is inspiring to see, the group have some fantastic plans for the future development of the site which will keep the memory and all who served in the first world war very much alive. Here is a link for their website where far more details of what is planned for the future and how things are going at Brook farm camp. https://www.greatwarhuts.org/ When events are taking place refreshments a - More Info

Newington remembers is a detailed account of the men who served in the Great war 1914-1918 who lived in the village of Newington nr Sittingbourne Kent. The book has been put together by the Newington history group and gives a very good and in-depth account of the men who served for King and country through the First World War. Well done to the Newington history group,Thelma Dudley, Debbie Haigh and Dean Coles you have published a book that will be cherished by many family's from the village of Newington for many years to come. The front cover - More Info


War memorials gave families and friends a local focus for the mourning and remembrance,and the scale of loss in the 1914-1918 conflict was such that almost every town and village in the land has some form of memorial.The first world war memorials of Lincolnshire provides a comprehensive gazetteer of the 295 external ww1 memorials in the historic county.Here is the story of each war memorial,each is illustrated,many with historic photographs of the dedication and unveiling. Included is a register of all the names from ww1 and later conflicts that app - More Info


Today is the 100 years anniversary of the start of the first world war on the 4th August 1914 the British empire declared war on Germany and her allies. Over the next four years there will be many different anniversaries from the battlefields of Belgium and France and many other areas of conflict throughout the world that took place between 1914 and 1918 making this the first world wide war. The battle of Mons in August 1914 was the first battle of the war and many thought the conflict would be over by Christmas 1914,little did they realise the f - More Info


I have been collecting officers private purchase equipment for many years and through that time i have seen very many different styles of holsters and Sam Browne belts with other equipment associated to officers private purchase items. In 1916 when conscription came into force some officers had their equipment issued and this can be easily seen with the W/D or crows foot stamp put into the items issued. Officers equipment has not really changed much from the Boer war period right through to the present day so dating a item without makers detai - More Info