DBG Militaria would like to offer for sale original military items from the Boer war to post war years showing items in the best photographic detail with a written description. American, British and German Militaria of all types will be available for sale on the website with WW1 and WW2 items shown and military Aviation items as well in their relevant categories with edged weapons daggers and bayonets having a combined category (proof of age is required) over 18s only. DBG Militaria will also offer for sale military watches from WW1 and WW2 post war military watches included.

DBG Militaria will offer original military collectable items from the Boer war to Post war era. Items will include uniforms, field equipment and medals and most other types of equipment from WW1 AND WW2 American, British, and German, backed with an unrivalled guarantee and returns privilege. (see terms and conditions)

DBG Militaria attends local military fairs which are posted on the on-line shop page.
I am looking to buy single items or complete collections so please feel free to call or mention about any items you may have for sale either via the web site or in person. American, British, and German items from both world wars are always wanted. I am always happy to swap or do part exchanges on items shown on this web site.

DBG Militaria only handles items in terms of their historical interest. We do not countenance political, ethnic, or social affiliation with any item offered for sale.