DBG Militaria

    Great war huts is a fantastic project taking place at Brook farm camp run by a group of people who have a passion for the history of the first world war that is inspiring to see, the group have some fantastic plans for the future development of the site which will keep the memory and all who served in the first world war very much alive. Here is a link for their website where far more details of what is planned for the future and how things are going at Brook farm camp.¬†https://www.greatwarhuts.org/ When events are taking place refreshments are normally available tea and coffee with some of the best cake you will ever have the pleasure of trying, please have a look it is a great organisation. @GreatWarHuts can be followed on twitter and they have their own YouTube Hutted histories available to watch with some very interesting and informative films giving an excellent look into the First World War and dealing with some of the duff history that appears from time to time.