DBG Militaria

    I have been collecting officers private purchase equipment for many years and through that time i have seen very many different styles of holsters and Sam Browne belts with other equipment associated to officers private purchase items. In 1916 when conscription came into force some officers had their equipment issued and this can be easily seen with the W/D or crows foot stamp put into the items issued. Officers equipment has not really changed much from the Boer war period right through to the present day so dating a item without makers details can be a bit of a nightmare.The differences are small such as the grade of leather used or small style changes with the brass D ring fitted to a holster or Sam Browne do vary greatly when you take an in depth look at the item. So to help with this subject i am very pleased to inform you of a website call the Wilkinson F S collection run by my good friend Roy Shadbolt,Roy takes an in depth view on officers equipment and provides excellent photographs with his explanation on different items of equipment.You will find excellent articles on the Sam Browne belt and different holsters and other equipment associated to officers private purchase items. You will find a link to the website via my links page and if this is a subject you have interest in i am sure you will enjoy the different articles available.I will add to the post as and when Roy adds different articles to his site as he covers very many different subjects that would interest to most collectors. Roy has just added a article on the F-S commando dagger and the different variations of this very collectable item,you will find that he covers this area of collecting in great detail giving some very useful information which you will find invaluable if you are looking to start collecting in this field or already do so,you will find a link for the Wilkinson F S collection website in my links page.