• Webley MK IV .38 de-activated revolver in good condition.The revolver was de-activated in 2002 and comes with a de-act certificate, the revolver is a B series which dates from 1957 to the mid 1960s .The gun has full moving parts and can be cocked and dry fired, the condition of the gun is good with most of its blueing still in place and it has good grips showing age related wear and tear and with the the letters H.Q on one side and 14 B N on the other side.The revolver has no military issue arrow so i assume it has been purchased privately.All the markings on the gun have been photographed and show maker marks with BNP marks,please see the photographs for further detail.The gun photographed is the gun for sale and is available to UK customers only over the age of eighteen.THIS ITEM CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED BY CHEQUE OR BANK TRANSFER PAYMENT,PAYPAL PAYMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.Please contact me for payment details via the contact page.


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