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    WW1 & WW2 group of medals for Royal navy and Royal marine engineers in good condition. The Royal navy pair and medal bar are named to A J Price service number J 64490 and paperwork to show these are correct and as per issued, the pair come with a medal bar for the pair with war and victory ribbon in place and part original ribbons on both medals. The WW2 group are for a Major A.J Price with the medal box but no certificate, the medals are a 1939 star with the defense medal and war medal with the later two still in there original packets and ribbons the 39 star has its ribbon in place. The Royal marine engineer paperwork shows in October 1942 A J Price was a captain he was promoted to Major 24th June 1943 and he shows on the Royal marine engineer paperwork for February 1944 with his discharge taking place in January 1945. The medals also had a small plastic sign for fitting radio equipment to marine craft showing the power supply this is also part of this group, from the research I have completed I have been unable to find out if this is a father and son group of medals or for the same man I feel they are for the same man but further research needs be done on the inter-war years to establish is this. I feel with the name being exactly the same that Major Price served in both wars, please see the photographs for further details.

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